First Date


It seemed so simple. Start a blog. Start writing. It’s about as simple as a first date.  So, I’ll treat this like I do a first date. Better to keep it simple and sweet, right?

I’ve always loved reading and writing. Getting lost in a story is My Thing. Now can you make a living doing that? I feared not, so I did the “responsible” thing, studied something “practical,” and became a professional.

Turns out it’s not that easy. I have these stories, ideas, and, yes, sometimes actual voices in my head that will NOT shut up. Yes, I know there are medications for these types of problems, but I’m going to try something else first: writing these stories down and giving these characters voices. With the emergence of the New Adult category, a time of life that I think is one of the most exciting, the timing is perfect.

Hopefully we can get together again. I’d say “call me,” but, well, you don’t have my number. So drop back by. (Yes, I can be coy like that.)


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