George Zimmerman Trial Shows “Nobody Knows Nothin'”


Watching the George Zimmerman trial reminds me of something I’ve come to realize as an adult: “Nobody Knows Nothin’.”

When I was a kid, I loved to learn because I wanted to know everything, like a grown-up. One thing I came to realize in college is that there aren’t always “right” answers, or if there are, we don’t know enough to identify them. That’s why it’s so important to know how to think critically. Thinking critically requires you to consider the facts, analyze them, and develop a well-thought-out conclusion, even if you don’t have 100% proof that your conclusion is “right.” That intellectual ability is what’s supposed to make our liberal arts degrees worth thousands of dollars (try not to snort coffee all over everything).

There isn’t a stone tablet out there with the RIGHT answer, and we can’t always agree on what’s right. Or- let’s be honest- others just can’t understand why we are right.

This became crystal clear when I actually managed to get out of a few days of classes because some attorneys selected me for a jury. When we got to the jury room to deliberate I realized: Shit just got real. It wasn’t like CSI or NCIS or Law & Order where you ultimately get to find out The Truth. Evidence had to be interpreted to come to a conclusion about “reasonable doubt.” And you never get to find out if your “guilty” or “not guilty” verdict really is right.

Watching bits of the George Zimmerman trial has made me realize- again- that in Real Life, nobody knows nothin’.’

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