Ready To Dive In?


Take a look at that water in the picture above. Doesn’t it look gorgeous? It looks great for swimming. All you have to do to start swimming is dive in. Dive right past those rocks into the water.

It seems easy when you’re just looking at the picture. But if you were actually there, standing at the edge of that cliff of rocks, you might be having some second thoughts. Is the water shallow, which could leave you with a broken neck? Will you belly flop and get the wind knocked out of you? Will you somehow really screw up and end up smashing your head or some other vital body part into the rocks itself?

This is what making any big decision is like. I’ve been dreaming of writing for years now, if I’m being honest myself. Now that I’ve decided to really give it a chance, it feels like I’m about to dive into the deep end. I’ve read plenty of books on writing. Done writing exercises. Outlined my story. Outlined the theories. Considered character arcs, plot points, concepts.

Now it’s time to dive in and start writing. Who knew a blank screen or blank page could be every bit as intimidating as standing at the edge of a cliff?

Well, yesterday I dived in. The water felt great.

Photo courtesy of Free Digital


2 thoughts on “Ready To Dive In?

  1. Today is my day of diving in, I have most of the information I need, but I’m not sure I know just how deep the water is going to be, but there’s only one way to find out.

    You’ve previously mentioned you’re “big on transitions and beginnings”, well just remember every day is a new beginning, a new cycle of 24 hours, a new chance to grab at something and embrace it.

    • Great point, Gary! Each new day is a new opportunity to get started on something. Really, there’s never a new reason not to start something 🙂

      Good luck! Nothing beats a failure like a try, right?

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