Book Recommendation: Begotten With Love

I just finished reading an amazing book! If you’re a history buff or into historical novels, then you need to check this out.

Begotten with Love: Every Family Has Its StoryBegotten with Love: Every Family Has Its Story by Jo Ann V. Glim

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jo Ann V. Glim wrote an amazing book. This is the story of her family’s history, from her own and going back several generations. It’s the way history should be shared: “Begotten with Love” is personal and engaging rather than just a dry list of events.

“Begotten with Love” is the story of immigrants who moved here and how they made their way in the United States as well as their descendants. The events are real, and verified, according to the author, yet it’s written in a similar tone to a novel, which makes it very readable. It’s also incredibly inspiring. I won’t ruin this review with spoilers: you really should read it yourself to get the full experience.

This book makes the list for Christmas shopping for people who enjoy history. Now I feel inspired to learn my own family history, and you will, too, after reading this book!

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