Book Recommendation: “A Young Mother’s Death: A Letter To My Daughter”

A Young Mother's Death A Letter to My Daughter

One thing I have always feared is death. In my profession, which is one of the “helping professions,” I took on a number of difficult cases that others avoided: abused children, abusive parents, dangerous people. Yet the one type of case I feared involved dying. Then I ended up caring for two elderly relatives and was with each one when they died. It is a surreal experience. I held their hands through their denials that they were dying, read them Biblical passages, and just was present with them through their fears.

L. M. Gautreaux is facing the unimaginable: she’s a young mother who has been diagnosed with an illness that may be terminal. She’s seeking treatment from some of the best doctors out there, but in case they can’t help her, she decided to write a letter to her daughter. She published her letter, and I urge you to give it a read.

Dying has a way of stripping off all the superficial and petty things we let ourselves get so preoccupied with in our daily lives. It shines a light on what truly matters. Reading L. M. Gautreaux’s “A Young Mother’s Death: A Letter To My Daughter” may just remind you of what’s important while you still have time to appreciate it.


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