Valentine’s Day Special!

Valentine's Day promoHappy Valentine’s Day! Okay, I know, the cards can get rather cheesy (I’m into the candy, myself), but who doesn’t want a little love? If you’re single this Valentine’s Day (or dating a guy who really doesn’t value the holiday, which, let’s face it, usually happens after year 2 or so of dating ;), then there are other ways to find love. There’s nothing wrong with finding it in a book!

For one day only, these great titles are available for 0.99. (Covert Assignment will increase to $2.99 next week.)

The books above are a combination of chick lit/YA and romance, so there’s something for everyone! You can check out all of the book links (including the buy links) at Emily Craven’s website.

I’m part of this promo with five other authors, all of whom are fantastic. Get to know them!

Happy Valentine’s Day!





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